Narzissenjet departure points

HOTLINE +43 676 3000 600
Ring and Ride!

“Individual, flexible, and safe” is the motto of our new transport service.

The Narzissenjet is a practical complement to existing public transport services. It makes it even easier to holiday without a car, or to simply leave the car at your accommodation provider.

Travel from place to place for a fixed and reasonable price.

An ideal way to make the most of your day out, or to visit one of the many events on offer. Then you can relax and enjoy a glass (or two) of good wine in one of the many lakeside guest gardens in the Ausseerland.

Max. 30 minutes waiting time and attractive prices are just two of the benefits of the ring-and-ride Narzissenjet bus.

This is how it works:

  • Phone the Narzissenjet-Hotline +43 676 3000 600;
  • Give the Narzissenjet controller a few details: where you are leaving from, what time you would like to leave, where you are going, your name and the number of people who will be travelling;
  • They will tell you when the Narzissenjet will arrive;
  • Be at the agreed departure point at the agreed time;
  • When you are collected, simply pay the driver the fixed price and receive your tickets;
  • No more than 30 minutes wait at peak times.

Operating hours *
Sunday to Thursday and public holidays from 08:00 to 22:00.
Friday, Saturday and the day before a public holiday from 08:00 to 24:00
* except: Narzissenfest (Narcissus Festival) Sunday, SEER Open-Air, Altaussee Kirtag and Kulm ski flying

Prices per person per trip
up to 10 km Euro 4,50
10 km to 20 km Euro 8,50
over 20 km Euro 13,50

Children under 12 years accompanied by a parent travel free.
Groups over 8 people need to register the previous day prior to 20:00

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