The star shaped narcissus

The star shaped narcissi (narcissus radiiflorus) belong to a large group of different species of narscissus and are native to Austria in the areas of Styria, Lower- Austria, Upper- Austria and Carinthia. They are particularly prevalent in Ausseerland, due to the ideal climate and nutrients in the land. They can tolerate or relatively dry locations. The bulbs are in bloom between the middle of May and the middle of June depending on the altitude.

The herb-rich, colorfully blooming “narcissus meadows” characterize the landscape in the Ausseerland – Salzkammergut, especially when the narcissus bloom in May. The splendor of white flowers delights locals as well as holidaymakers and visitors to the Ausseerland.

Picking off the flower stalks is not dangerous for the plant, because daffodils can propagate not only by seeds but also by bulbs. On the contrary, by picking off the flowers, the daffodils are encouraged to increase their vegetative reproduction.