Tickets for groups

If you book in advance for a group (valid for 20 or more people) by May 2024, you will receive tickets for both parades at a reduced price of €15.00 including 10% VAT, bus drivers and tour guides will receive a free ticket.

The tickets will be given to you on arrival on Sunday morning (between 7:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.) at one of our ticket offices.

Please let us know whether you will arrive via Bad Ischl (B 145) or Liezen / Schladming (B 320/B 145). We also needed the approximate number of people. You will then receive a map of your ticket office via email.

The advantage of buying tickets at the advance booking office is that you can buy the exact number of tickets you need there at the advance booking price. You will not have any problems if the number of people changes at short notice.

    Travel Agency:

    First name and surname:


    Area Code:



    Phone number (Busdriver / Tour Guide):


    Arriving from the direction of:
    Bad Ischl (Vorverkaufsstelle St. Agatha)Liezen (Vorverkaufsstelle Pichl – Kainisch)

    Number of your Group:

    Planned arrival time: